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70% of cyber attacks target small businesses

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and SMB’s are more vulnerable than ever before. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, the reason why this stat is so high is because small businesses are easy targets. Don’t let this scare you! We’ve partnered with WatchGuard to bring you advanced security solutions that will keep malware at bay:

Zix is a leader in email security. Trusted by the nation’s most influential institutions in healthcare, finance and government, Zix delivers a superior experience and easy-to-use solutions for email encryption and data loss prevention, advanced threat protection, archiving and bring your own device (BYOD) security. Focusing on the protection of business communication, Zix enables its customers to better secure data and meet compliance needs.

As part of Zix Email Encryption, ZixMail provides end-to-end email encryption that includes automated key management and delivery to anyone, anywhere through a secure web portal. You can use it with any corporate or web-based email system, and optional plug-ins are available for you to integrate it in with your Microsoft Outlook® client.

Send-to-Anyone Security

ZixMail makes it easy to securely send and receive confidential information to anyone, anywhere by using our patented Best Method of Delivery. When you send an encrypted email, ZixMail automatically determines if the recipient is another Zix customer by checking ZixDirectory, the world’s largest public key repository. If the recipient is a Zix customer, ZixMail automatically encrypts and sends it using the recipient’s public key. ZixGateway customers receive emails transparently, and ZixMail customers receive the email encrypted in their inbox.

Outlook Plug-ins

For Microsoft Outlook users, Zix provides a ZixMail plug-in so you can send and receive encrypted email without ever leaving Outlook. The plug-in integrates the ZixMail functionality directly into Outlook’s toolbar. The simple click of a button is all it takes to encrypt or decrypt a message takes to encrypt or decrypt a message.




ZixEncrypt offers policy-based email encryption and email data loss prevention to make securing your sensitive email communication easy. ZixEncrypt scans the content of all your outbound email and automatically encrypts based on policies you define. It automatically ensures compliance of your email communication without requiring special training or procedures for your employees. ZixEncrypt is available as physical or virtual appliance and as a hosted solution.



Policy-based Email Encryption

ZixEncrypt provides robust filtering technology that enables you to define and manage policy rules for protecting sensitive email content and ensuring compliance. Pre-defined filters are available for healthcare, financial, state privacy, education and more. Based on the email content you can determine if the email should be blocked, routed, quarantined or encrypted.


Bi-Directional Transparent Delivery

Just as ZixEncrypt automatically scans your email, it also automatically determines the most efficient way to securely deliver your messages using our patented Best Method of DeliverySM. Through the Best Method of Delivery, encrypted email is delivered to anyone, anywhere and often transparently.

Zix offers the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption, enabling senders and recipients to exchange encrypted email without any extra steps. When you send an encrypted email to another Zix customer, the message and replies are encrypted transparently, so that not even a password is needed. On average, more than one-third of our customers’ recipients receive their encrypted email messages transparently.




ZixProtect is a security solution that protects email by combining advanced threat protection, encryption and data loss prevention to deliver increased security with an easy to use experience.


Email Threat Protection

ZixProtect provides 99.5% accuracy in detecting spam, viruses, zero-day malware, ransomware and phishing. Zix Protect’s
multi-layer filtering engine provides a higher level of accuracy that reduces both false negatives (bad emails getting in) and
false positives (good emails kept out). This reduces the time your IT team has to spend managing the system and improves
business communication flow.


Multi-layer filtering

Zix Protect’s multi-layer filtering engine provides more accurate
threat protection by putting more emphasis on the email content
instead of the source of the email. ZixProtect combines standard IP
address and URL filters with targeted phrase, pattern and malware
filters. The phrase filters look for complete phrases instead of just
terms to precisely identify unwanted solicitation or phishing emails.
The customized pattern filters allow specific attack campaigns
to be identified and blocked. Finally the malware filters identify
both known and zero-day malware attacks, and the re-filtering
technology allows additional analysis of questionable emails.


ZixArchive provides secure email retention for compliance and eDiscovery with policy-based retention, automatic indexing, flexible search and legal hold. As a secure and highly available cloud-based service, ZixArchive can be quickly deployed and is easily managed through a centralized web interface.


Policy-based Retention

ZixArchive automatically collects all email communication indefinitely but provides policy controls to limit what emails get archived and for how long. Through the archiving policies, you can set what emails get archived based on the sender and recipient email addresses. Wildcarding is supported to make it easy to define policies for specific groups of users. You can also define the retention period of archived emails at a global level or a policy level. When creating a legal hold, you can override the retention period for the emails in the hold.


Zix Archive’s eDiscovery capabilities start with automatically indexing every email at the time of archiving. The indexing makes it possible to search large amounts of email data in seconds. The search parameters can be as easy as a term or email address or more sophisticated based on multiple search criteria across the email header information and content. There is also a random sample search capability that can be used for legal audits where a certain percentage of emails need to be reviewed for compliance.

Legal Hold

When creating a legal hold for the process of a legal or audit request, ZixArchive makes the process of collecting and sharing emails easy and straightforward. After searching the email archive based on defined criteria, the resulting emails can be saved into one or more defined legal holds. The retention period for the legal hold can be set independent of policies to ensure the hold is retained during the review period. Additionally, you can electronically share a legal hold with anyone, including your outside legal counsel or auditor. This eliminates the need to ship thumb drives or hard drives full of potentially confidential company data. When the review of the hold is completed, access to the data can be easily revoked.

Business Continuity

Zix Archive can also be paired with ZixProtect to serve as a backup email system. If your email server is inaccessible, your company can continue to exchange messages anytime, anywhere. Once back online, emails spooled during the down time are then delivered to your email servers.







Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

Feel secure with Office 365 helping you protect your data and helping your business run smoothly.

Office 365 lets you use trusted business applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with a consistent experience across your favorite Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Office 365 makes working together easier with tools for e-mail, virtual meetings, and document collaboration.


Why Office 365?

Office 365 allows you to work and collaborate anywhere on your favorite devices with trusted applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook powered by business class e-mail. With Office 365, you can join and host more productive meetings and securely store and access your documents whenever you want with 1 TB of storage. Whatever you and your team are working on, the fully integrated experience that Office 365 delivers will help you accomplish what you need to get done to move business forward.





Microsoft Office 365 is the right choice for your business.

People today want to be productive wherever they go. They want to work faster and smarter across their favorite devices, while staying current and connected. Simply put, they want to have business tools that work as hard as they do.