Technology Managed Solutions

Advantages of Using our Hosted Environment





Cost effective – No matter the size of your company, our services allow a cost-effective way to handle your IT requirements. Your company can save substantial capital costs with zero in-house server storage and application requirements with our hosted solutions


Security – Advanced IT’s data center offers stringent, unique security control procedures with multiple layers and methods of authentication, access, control, and surveillance to keep your data and critical infrastructure secure.


Reliability –  Our hosting services offers a much more reliable and consistent IT infrastructure. Your company will benefit from a massive pool of redundant IT resources, as well as quick failover mechanisms – if a server fails, hosted applications and services can easily be transited to other available resources. Our servers guarantee maximum uptime that cannot be replicated at your site which are subject to many more environmental unknowns. Advanced IT Concepts’ hosted infrastructure has never had infrastructure downtime.


Manageability – No need to worry about changing backup tapes or managing anything on the server. Our staff would have immediate physical access to the servers rather than being at your location. Our hosted services provide enhanced and simplified IT management and maintenance capabilities through central administration of resources.


Competitive Edge – Ever-increasing computing resources give you a competitive edge over competitors, as the time you require for IT procurement is virtually nil. Your company can deploy mission critical applications that deliver significant business benefits, without any upfront costs and minimal provisioning time. Cloud computing allows you to forget about technology and focus on your key business activities and objectives. It can also help you to reduce the time needed to market newer applications and services.