Technology Managed Solutions


Advanced IT Concepts understands the absolute necessity for keeping all of your IT infrastructure online and make them as efficient as possible.  Your infrastructure will be constantly maintained and monitored using superior designs and technology. Our strategies revolve around proactively monitoring all parts of your IT systems, including hardware, software and security and resolving these issues before your employees and/or customers ever know they existed.

Anywhere, Anytime – With mobile apps available for all mobile platforms Advanced IT has your entire IT infrastructure in our hands at anytime from anywhere to monitor and support your infrastructure.

Discovery and Deployment – We can effortlessly discover all the IT systems in your network and mass deploy applications with set policies to all your endpoints in minutes.

Complete Visibility – Our Dashboard gives us a complete overview of all your monitored systems from a central point. We have the ability to monitor everything, live, as it happen by our highly trained support staff.

Collaborative Environment – We can create multiple accounts, from read-only to full administrative accounts. We can share the management of your systems between your team administrators and offer read-only visibility to users that can just monitor systems.

Automate Everything – With our advanced IT automation, we can execute custom tasks on specific groups of systems from any device, ultimately save time.

Active Directory – Advanced IT receives real-time user details and status to help you investigate account security. We can also track for users that get locked out by enabling account notifications. We also have the ability to change the status of users to get the user back online without the need of logging into your Active Directory Console.

OS Patch Management – Advanced IT keeps your network up-to-date and secure from vulnerabilities. We will scan and update all your Windows operating systems. We have the ability to do this on demand or to be scheduled on particular dates.

Hyper-V – We are always in control of your virtual machines, including running status, health state and heartbeat as well as starting, pausing and stopping virtual machines.

SQL Server – Advanced IT will monitor databases, browse tables, run SQL queries, start jobs and view logs. We can also receive notifications on deadlocks, long execution queries or when any defined query result matches certain conditions.

Complete Command Traceability –  We have the ability to review every command that was issued by our agents or your administrators that uses our tools. There is total traceability when it comes to keeping on top of what’s going on with your IT systems.



Custom Reports – Advanced IT can produce custom, detailed reports to demonstrate the health and status of your IT environment in an easy to read format.