Meet The Team

Ruby Gonzales

Escrow Application Specialist

What do you do at Advanced IT Concepts? 

I assist Rhett with business development through social media marketing, partnerships with our vendors and educational outreach. And non-technical “catch all” as needed. 

What are your credentials/past work experience? 

My past work experience spans a variety of industries including the medical field and the education sector. From marketing to sales to teaching and back again! I received my MBA from University of Houston/Victoria. 

What do you like most about working at Advanced IT Concepts? 

No two days are ever the same! The environment is very fluid and our staff is all able to adapt and shift focus when necessary. It is a very cohesive team that works well together to support our clients.  

What do you do at Advanced IT Concepts? 

Troubleshooting, installation and upgrades for various escrow applications and their additional features. Provide technical support to our customers with their desktops, printers and software applications. 

What are your credentials/past work experience? 

I worked in the title industry for 7 years as an assistant, closer, and coordinator prior to my 22 years in IT as a QA analyst, software/technical support technician, and account manager. Much of my work experience was within different departments and positions at Stewart Title Guaranty both with their owned offices and agencies. 

What do you like most about working at Advanced IT Concepts? 

There is a wonderful camaraderie among the staff. Being that ADVIT is a small business, and we are not limited to support specific area of IT, we each have the ability to continuously learn and gain knowledge in all areas of IT. 

What are the values that drive you? 

Family has always and will always be my strongest value.  It’s why I exist and strive to improve my mental and physical self daily.  Compassion, patience, honesty and integrity are also very important for me to maintain a healthy life. 

What was your first computer? 

Oh gosh, let me see if I can remember. I bought a clone desktop that ran DOS and a CRT monitor.  I can’t even remember what OS it ran, but I could play solitaire and run Turbo Pascal for my college class.  

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

Spending time working in my vegetable and flower gardens. Going to the movies and hiking with my grandsons any chance I get. 

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.  

I was born and raised in Hawaii. Baking is a passion of mine and cakes are my specialty. I am a devoted and enthusiastic Houston Astros fan.