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Rhett Yankowski CEO
Rhett Yankowski


"Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice"

Proverbs 16:8

Message from the CEO

I was taught from an early age that I may judge myself by my intentions, but others judge me by my actions. I have put that philosophy into practice from the first day I launched Advanced IT Concepts.

I started the company to better serve the title insurance community with customized IT solutions. I recognized that many companies were searching for a business that was well-versed in title insurance and thus able to explore solutions that could benefit them. I saw the need for a company to not be associated with any underwriter, thereby giving it the freedom to pursue all options available to title insurance companies. From day one, the focus for us at Advanced IT Concepts has been to discover the perfect fit for each client and partner with them in achieving their business success.

The rewards of owning a company for the first time have far outweighed the challenges. I have been blessed by outstanding employees that have worked diligently for the company. I have also greatly enjoyed working with our clients and seeing my employees assist them with various projects and support. The volume of positive feedback I receive about the people that work at Advanced IT is incredible. Thus, I have shifted the focus of the company to be more employee-centric, based on the belief that it is my duty as CEO to serve those who bless my company with their talents.

The future is ever-changing, and I understand that Advanced IT must continue to grow in certain areas, such as cyber security, to better serve our clients. As the company continues to grow, we are dedicated to maintaining not only the highest standards in IT, but also staying ahead of developments in the title insurance industry. Toward this end, I decided to have ongoing training for all employees on various aspects of the title industry, such as the escrow and title examining processes. I also decided to keep our support solely focused on title and abstracting, as I believe this will benefit our clients the greatest.

I want to express my gratitude to the clients and employees that have made Advanced IT Concepts the success it is today.

Rhett Yankowski


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