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Do you want a different Cloud provider dedicated to the title insurance industry?

With the amount of processes your office handles each day, it is vitally important to ensure yours is functioning at high-volume with the lowest risk of issues. 

With Cloud Solutions, this can be achieved through ADVIT's Hosted Environment.

ADVIT's cloud solutions are tailored to your industry and can help you achieve these goals in a cost-effective manner.


Cloud Servicing provides access from almost anywhere to do your business, while protecting the data you care most about.


Cloud Solutions are manageable and clutter-free by providing offsite servers at the ADVIT's Data Center, where there are strict security measures to keep your information as secure as possible.


Not only is our hosted environment cost-effective and secure, it gives you the competitive advantage that is needed to elevate your business.



  • State of the art equipment in hosted environment

  • Higher security benefits from a secure data center location

  • Access to data from remote locations

  • No on-premise backup necessary to maintain

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Work Virtually

Stay Connected
to your Data



  • Eliminate purchase and upgrades of server equipment, software and licenses

  • Streamlined budgeting for IT expenditures

  • Increased scalability allowing cost allocation with addition or subtraction of employees

  • Decreased risk of downtime affecting your employees and customers

  • No server maintenance necessary by your staff allowing them to focus on their main job duties

  • Highly secure environment with training included to prevent wire fraud

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Office with a View

Bringing enterprise level security to your remote workforce

Ability to adjust your remote workforce to our current COVID issues

Added business continuity should something happen to your primary business location

Gone are the days of spending hours researching on how to fix problems with programs or finding seemingly disappearing data – our IT staff are specially trained and gifted to maintain, fix, and improve your work.

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