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Mission Statement

Business success without compromising quality and integrity

Core Values


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest moral and ethical principles in creating partners rather than customers.


We adhere to the highest personal and professional standards in delivering exceptional value to our partners from the first moment a relationship is established.


Genuine transparency fosters the strongest relationships with our partners and employees.


Cultivating a well-rounded work and personal life yields greater employee satisfaction and, ultimately, greater partner satisfaction.


Employees are empowered to take responsibility for various areas of our business as active stakeholders contributing to the overall success of the company.


Ongoing education and training produce confident, knowledgeable employees equipped to serve our partners

well and be prepared for promotions and new challenges.


The greatest success can be achieved when individual initiative meets cohesive collaboration.

Building Houses

Giving Back

Advanced IT Concepts believes in giving back to our communities in both the service work we do and money we give back. 

Rhett with Sponsor child

Employees at Advanced IT Concepts are asked to take a few paid days a year to give back to the community instead of coming into work.

Rhett Helping

We also give financially back to our communities donating money to these charities.

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